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Specialising in WW2 Home Front And Aviation Collectables. We have over 25 years experience in selling and collecting the above, we offer a wide range of items which includes uniforms, ephemera, insignia, ceramics etc to suit the novice or established collector.

All our items are original to the period. We endeavor to accurately describe and photograph all items and we offer a money back guarantee.

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Rare WOP No1 ashtray by Fieldings in the shape of a chamber pot, with Mussolini face to the inside base reverse reads We've got him on the run. In overall good condition. These are much rarer than the more common Hitler version. Stock no
"Food For Britain" Badge. Small approx. 25mm dia tin and celluloid "Food For Britain" single pin lapel badge. In good clean condition for its age. Stock no 5405
"Mightier Yet!" M.O.I Leaflet 1940. Single doubled sided leaflet issue in 1940 by the Ministry Of Information entitled "Mightier Yet!". A morale boosting message on the state of Britain's defences. In good clean condition with only slight age discolouration. Stock No 5093
"O.T.B" Factory National Service Badge. "O.T.B" Factory National Service Badge. Blue and white enamel with button hole fixing and low number 155. In overall good used condition with some scuffing to enamel. Stock no 6194
"Potato Pete" Sheet Music. Scarce sheet music for the wartime "Potato Pete" song. Part of the dig for victory campaign 'Potato Pete' was another character introduced to encourage the population to eat home grown vegetables. In good sound condition with some very slight foxing. Stock no 6165
"Save Waste Paper" Bookmark. Wartime bookmark "Save Waste Paper, Help To Win The War". In good sound used condition with some slight foxing. Stock no 5341
"Squirt" A.F.S Journal - 1940. Squirt - The official journal of the Birmingham Auxiliary Fire Service - Vol 1, No 14, April 1940. Small style magazine approx. 30 pages, illustrated. Scarce early edition of this detailed and informative magazine. Stock no
"Yank" The Army Weekly Magazine. October 6th 1944 (Vol 3 No16) edition of "Yank" the army weekly magazine. 24 pages in good sound condition with just some slight foxing and damage to pages certainly above average condition for its age. Good content and full page pin up girl. Stock no 5710
1930s Private Purchase Flying Helmet. 1930s inter war private purchase flying helmet as used by the RAF etc in good clean condition with Gosport tube fixing (hoses missing) size 6 7/8. Clean makers label to inner lining "S Lewis's 27 Car Burton St London. Leather in good supple condition all fixings still operate, lining in good used condition with some slight staining. A nice clean example.
1939 Issue Ration Book. Early style ration book issued in October 1939 from the Plymouth food office. In excellent used condition for its age and retains a number of pages. Hard to find these early issue books. Stock no 6381
1941 Fougasse Christmas Card. Christmas 1941 greeting card with Fougasse comic illustration to front (A bit quieter tonight isn't it?) produced in aid of the London Ambulance Benevolent Fund. Card retains good colour slight foxing and marking. A rare Fougasse collectable. Stock no T913
1942 R.A.F Navigators Log Sheet, 37 Squadron. A single navigators log sheet for operation on the 31/10/1942 to attack M.T west of Alamein. Log (RAF Form 441) completed clearly in pencil is good sound used condition giving details of route, weather, timings etc. 37 Squadron were based in Egypt. Wellington aircraft serial number BB478. Pilot Sgt Sheppard - Navigator Sgt Baxter. Stock no 5459
1944 Advertising Ration Period Calendar. Ration Period Calendar for July to December 1944 issued byThomas Hedley & Co Ltd advertising Sylvan washing powder. Produced in thin card for use by shop keepers the calendar retains good colour and is in good unused condition. A rare and unusual home front display item.
38 Squadron R.A.F Cigarette Case. Good quality treen cigarette case with hand painted 38 Squadron badge to front and the initial's R.W.J, to reverse a picture of Wellington aircraft. In good used condition with just some very slight loss of paint to the illustrations. A good quality charming item. 38 Squadron were based in Egypt between 1940 and 1942. Stock no 6019
A.F.S Matchbox Cover. Wartime Auxiliary Fire Service matchbox cover. Tin and celluloid construction in good condition with just some slight rust bleed. A.F.S emblem to front and rear. Good clean example. Stock no T464
A.M Navigators Chart Table plotting Arm. R.A.F navigators chart table plotting arm, A.M ref no 6B/156 and serial no 1383/40. In good condition all joints are free moving and some slight marking to Perspex. Retains good clear markings. Stock no 4155
A.M Prismatic Gun Sight. Air Ministry Prismatic Type G1 Gun Sight stores reference 7A/1661. Used mainly as turret gun sight but also used in some early fighter aircraft, proved not to be a success and replaced in 1940 by the popular reflector sight. Sight is in good what would appear to be unissued condition. Stock no 5668
A.R.P Board Game. Wartime board game entitled "A.R.P" - The up to date game based on aerial warfare for 2 or more players, by Waddy Production. In good clean condition with slight damage to board edges. Note - Board only. Stock no 5503
A.R.P Cold Water Valve Enamel Sign Ministry Of Works two small enamel signs (approx 15x15cm and15x4cm) joined together by two bars with 3 original fixing bolts. The larger indicates the location of cold water valve for controlling water services and the smaller lower sign informs except shelter accommodation. These signs were used in government buildings, both are in good used condition and have a small few chips to the enamel mainly on the edges (see photo) both retain good bright colour it's unusual to find two signs joined together. Stock no T240
A.R.P Comic Postcard. Comic A.R.P postcard entitled the Hi-De-Ho with the message to go to the air raid shelter and take your gasmask. Card is in good franked condition with postmark for 1939. Stock No 5502
A.R.P Handbook No 8 - Duties of Air Raid Wardens. Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 8 - The Duties Of Air Raid Wardens. Card cover booklet with 26 pages published 1938. In excellent condition for its age with some rust bleed from staples. Handbook was issued to a warden in the Borough Of Hornsey post no D33 and has been completed with all name and address. Stock no 6298
A.R.P Handbook No12 - Air Raid Precautions For Animals. Air Raid Precautions Handbook No 12 (1st Edition) - Air Raid Precautions For Animals. Card cover booklet with 30 pages published 1939. In good clean condition with some rust stains around staples. One of the harder to find handbooks. Stock no 6305
A.R.P Ilford Christmas Card A.R.P Public Service - Ilford 1938 - 1939 Christmas Card in good clean condition with embossed A.R.P insignia to front. Stock no 5836
A.R.P Information Card. Air Raid Precautions information card which was completed to give details of nearest wardens post, senior warden, first aid post etc. This example completed for the Humberstone area. Card in good used clean condition measures approx. 22 x 28 cm. Stock no 5505
A.R.P Matchbox Cover. Air Raid Precaution matchbox cover in good condition with just some slight rust bleed (see photo). Stock no T323
A.R.P Ministry Of Works Enamel Sign. Small enamel sign (approx. 14 x 11 cm), Ministry of works A.R.P identification sign - "Gas Meter". In excellent condition with just some very slight damage to enamel around fixing holes. Stock no T302
A.R.P Ministry Of Works Sign. Small tin sign approx. 15 x 10 cm for Ministry of Works A.R.P. read - during air raid conditions this refuge is designed to house persons with an adequate air supply exertion should be avoided. Smoking is strictly prohibited. There is some wear to the printing see photographs although is still clearly readable. This is the less common printed tin version not the normal enamel type. Stock no T306
A.R.P Upgraded First Aid Point Enamel Sign. Extremely rare A.R.P enamel sign - "Upgraded First Aid Point" The sign measures approx. 69 x 23 cm and is in excellent condition with only slight rust patches to the reverse and the front enamel is clean and bright with only a couple of very small marks (see photo), it would appear that the black outer lining is a later addition and would easily be removed if required. This is possible the rarest sign we have offered for sale over the last few years and seldom turn up in this condition. Stock no 5574
A.R.P Whistle. Wartime A.R.P issue whistle by J. Hudson & Co Birmingham. In good overall used condition with clear A.R.P and makers stamp.
A.T.A Handling Notes For Dakota Aircraft. Rare A.T.A pilot and flight engineers handling notes for Dakota aircraft. 40 page card cover booklet dated April 1945 which supersedes the January 1944 issue, in good sound clean condition with some slight rust marks to front and rear covers. Contents include - flying particulars, engine limits, mechanical details and flight engineers supplement. A rare and hard to find A.T.A item.
Air Ministry Brush. R.A.F / A.M boot / uniform brush in good condition wood handle has some lose of varnish finish, A.M marked and contract no 294/B/7126 stamped to side of wood handle. Stock no 5307
Air Ministry Button Stick. Wartime R.A.F Air Ministry brass button stick in good used condition with clear A.M and stores reference number markings. A scarce item of R.A.F equipment.
Air Ministry Emergency Flying Ration MkII Tin. Air Ministry Emergency Flying Ration MkII tin (no contents) stores ref no 27P/7. In very clean condition some small dents to base, lettering is still clear, full printed instructions to inside of lid and content listed on base. These were packed with the K dinghy and this example is AM marked rather than the more common broad arrow stamp. Stock no 6020
Air Ministry Panchromatic Aircraft Camera Film. A unopened tin containing Night High Speed Panchromatic aircraft film, container in good condition with some small dents, retains its paper labels which have rust stains but are still readable. Clearly A.M marked ref no 14B/1241, dated June 1942. Measures approx. 18cm. Stock no 5428
Air Ministry Photograph - Hurricane Cockpit. Good clear detailed photograph (23 x 19 cm) showing pilots controls of the Hurricane cockpit. Photo is printed on A.M paper and stamped "Secret" also ink stamp for Royal Aircraft Establishment and dated 8th October 1942. Photograph is in clean condition with some damage to edges (see photographs).
Air Ministry Weekly Intelligence Summary March 1944. Rare March 1944 edition of the R.A.F Air Ministry Weekly Intelligence Summary No 236. This "Secret" marked illustrated booklet of approx. 40 pages with fold out maps reports on recent actions of the RAF in all areas, contents include - The western front, allied air attacks, leaflet operations, German jet aircraft etc. A rare and interesting booklet in good sound condition. Stock no 5537
Air Raid Precautions Cleansing Depot Enamel Sign. Scarce enamel direction sign approx. 60 x 30 cm for "Cleansing Depot" these depots were to deal with the effects of a gas attack. Sign in overall good bright condition with some loss of enamel to edges and screw fixing, this however does not distract from the overall good appearance of a difficult to find wartime sign. Stock no T227
Air Raid Precautions Sealing Tape. Small tin (approx. 6cm dia) of Butterfly Brand Specially Prepared Air Raid Precaution Sealing Tape, with its original contents. In good condition with just some slight rust staining to the tin. Stock no T284
Air Raid Shelter Conditions Enamel Sign. Ministry of Works small enamel sign (approx. 30 x 15cm) - During air raid conditions this refuge is designed to house ? persons with an adequate air supply. Exertion should be avoided. Smoking is strictly prohibited. In good clean used condition with some damage to edges (see photos). Stock no T305
Air Raid Warden Enamel Sign. Small (approx. 23 x 8 cm) A.R.P Air Raid Warden enamel sign in used but good condition with some damage to enamel around fixing holes (see photo). Enamel retains good finish would benefit from a clean. Stock no T291.
Air Raid Warden Sign. Small (approx. 15 x 10 cm) press aluminium air raid warden sign. Sign is in good used condition with some slight scratches to painted area. Stock no 5165
Aircraft Generator Propeller. A super quality wood with brass fittings aircraft generator propeller approx 46 cm in length. Broad Arrow and A.I.D markings in excellent condition with just a couple of small areas of damage to the propeller edges which does not distract from this quality piece. Retains most of its original finish, a lovely display item. Stock no 5439
Airsea Rescue Launch Log, Kent 1940 Interesting log for the Air Sea Rescue Motor boat "Dandy" covers the period September 1940 to March 1942. The first entry Sept 21st 1940 - received boat from Perkins & Sons, Dandy was based in the Whitby / Herne Bay area of Kent. 23rd September - Received information from police, plane down in sea 5nw of Hearne Bay. Proceeded at 10am to position, information received that both pilots British had been saved . The book is full with daily entries and is clearly written, the book itself is in well used condition as would be expected the original staples have rusted away but is still in a overall sound condition. This is a rare and unique record and is worthy of further research. Stock no 5521
All Clear - Muswell Hill Wardens. The Yule Log Book - Christmas 1940 edition, articles, reminiscences, and poems by the Muswell Hill air raid wardens. 12 page booklet in excellent condition with just slight rust bleed from the staples. Stock no
Another "Janes" Journal by Pett. Another "Janes" Journal by Pett, softcover A5 booklet published 1944/45 approx. 80 pages of stories, comic strips etc of a semi clad Jane serving in various armed forces units, also a number of black and white nude photographs. The booklet is in well used but sound condition, the paper is off typical wartime production and is a little hard and rough around the edges. The front cover has some damage to spine and edges and some staining. Overall a good copy of this rare wartime comic booklet. Stock no 5450
Anti-Hitler Matchbox Cover. Rare wartime Anti-Hitler matchbox cover "In The Allies Grip". In good overall clean condition has some slight rust bleed and splitting to edges. Stock no 5500
Assault Upon Norwich Booklet Assault Upon Norwich - The Official Account of The Air Raids On The City by R.H Mottram. Published just after the war end this fully illustrated 40 page card cover booklet is in good clean condition for its age the original staples have been replaced due to rust, give a interesting detail account of this badly bombed city. Stock no T317
ATS Ring. A good quality wartime A.T.S sterling silver ring. In excellent condition with no damage to enamel. Stock no 5837
Barrage Balloon Fabric. A section of fabric approx. 47 x 42 cm from a Barrage Balloon reported to be from Uxbridge Balloon Station. Stock no T315
Bodmin Gas Mask Leaflet. Borough Of Bodmin Gas Respirator Distribution Leaflet. Single sided leaflet approx. 19 x 23 cm giving details of collection of gas masks. In good condition with very slight damage to edges and some foxing. Stock no 5250
Bombers Over Merseyside. Bombers Over Merseyside - The authoritative record of the Blitz, 1940 -1941. 44 page card cover booklet published 1943 by Liverpool Daily Post. Illustrated record of the blitz in good sound condition for age a little foxing a good example. Stock no 5268.
Boy's Own Paper. March 1943 edition of the Boy's Own Paper in good sound condition with some rust bleed from staples. Full of interesting articles and wartime advertisement. Stock no 4648
British Red Cross Medal - Anti Gas Training. British Red Cross medal for proficiency in anti - gas training, maker marked J.R Gaunt. Engraved to reverse 6596 M.F Munns. Medal and enamel in good condition. Stock no T651
Channel Island Civilian Identity Card. Rare civilian identity card issued during German occupation of Guernsey. Card in sound used condition issued to Helen Naomi Wellington , with photograph and good clear German and Guernsey issue stamps. Stock no 5508
Childs Ration Book. Scarce Childs Ration Book issued in July 1941 from the Bath food office. Book in average condition and has been fully used with two pages remaining. Stock no 6382
Chingford AFS Breast Badge. Good used Chingford AFS breast badge. Red embroidered lettering on black wool background. Retains 50% of its black paper backing. Badge is in good used condition has been removed from tunic. Stock No T492
Churchill Ashtray Made By De Havilland Workers. Rare large Churchill ashtray (approx. 18 cm dia and 14 cm high) these were produced by workers at the De Havilland aircraft company reputedly made using surplus aluminium from the Mosquito fighter. In good used condition with some light scratching possible from cleaning, a rare and desirable large item of Churchilliana, a super display piece. Stock no 5830
Complete Set RAF Aircraft Recognition Cards. Complete set (4 packs of cards) of R.A.F aircraft recognition silhouette cards complete with its original box and four folded key sheets one for each coloured pack these are marked for official use only. Issued and dated July 1941 the cards are in good clean used condition and outer box has some staining and remains of original A.M ref label. Rare to find a complete set. Stock no 5941
Dunlop ARP Lapel Badge. Small Dunlop ARP lapel badge on its original issue card. Blue enamel on silver base with button hole fixing, issue card marked sterling silver. Badge is in excellent unissued condition. Stock no T939
Essex Rest Centre Service Armband Scarce wartime Essex Rest Centre Service armband in good condition with just a couple small areas of staining see photo. Stock no T421
F.A.A - Aircrew First Aid Outfit. Fleet Air Arm First Aid Outfit For Air Crews - complete un - opened kit in good condition with clear lettering / instruction to its waterproof rubberized canvas pouch retaining all its original contents. Dated June 1944. Produced by T.J Smith & Nephew Ltd Hull. Similar to the RAF version the Royal Navy variant is harder to find. A good example.
Factory A.R.P Badge. Factory / company A.R.P button hole fixing lapel badge, blue enamel shield surmounted by unknown company initial "H" and numbered 199. In excellent condition produced by Thomas Fattorini Ltd. Stock no 5530
Fire Guard Enamel Sign. Fire Guard Enamel sign approx. 50 x 35 cm showing assemble point location, would have been used in a factory, large buildings etc. The sign is well worn the white enamel has faded and gone thin (see photo) there are a number of chips (all have been treated with rust preventer). But taking all this into account this rare sign is in sound condition and displays well. Stock no 5423
Fire Watcher Badge. Chrome and enamel "Fire Watcher" lapel badge in good condition with no damage to enamel, button hole fixing. Stock no T507
Fire Watcher Badge. Chrome and enamel "Fire Watcher" lapel badge with button hole fixing. In good uncleaned used condition with no damage to enamel. Stock no T508
Fire Watcher Badge. Brass and enamel "Fire Watcher" button hole fixing lapel badge. In good uncleaned used condition. Stock no T509
Flying Headgear Of The World 1934 - 1945. Flying Headgear Of The World 1934 - 1945 by Jim Weld. A excellent copy of this rare long out of print book by Jim Weld. Published 1980 this was the first book on the subject and was the bible for collectors for many years. A extremely hard to find book in this near mint condition. Card cover - approx 50 pages. Stock no 5573
Flying Headgear Of The World. Flying Headgear of The World 1934 - 1945 by Jim Weld. 50 page fully illustrated card cover booklet published 1980. This is a extremely rare book to find in this near mint condition, published in the 80s it was the first reference book on flying headgear. Stock no 5586
Help For The Homeless - Borough Of Lambeth Booklet. Small booklet issued by the Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth entitled Help for the Homeless and others affected by enemy action and evacuation facilities. 23 page booklet in good clean sound condition with some slight rust bleed from staples. Rare interesting small booklet. Stock no T892
Hitler Takes Precautions Card. Small card entitled - Hitler Takes Precautions We've Got him On The Run. Caricature of Hitler holding a chamber pot. Some slight age staining we slight damage to top edge where it has been pinned to wall. Measure approx. 11 x 15 cm. Stock no 5506
Home Guard A Handbook For The LDV. Home Guard A Handbook For The L.D.V by John Brophy. Published 1941 by Hodder & Stoughton a small card cover booklet. Approx 126 pages. In good clean sound condition. Stock No 5769
Horlicks 24 Hour Ration Tin. Horlicks Tablets tin - A complete food, 24 hour ration, as supplied to the Air Ministry. A nice example showing only slight wear. (No contents) Stock no 5708
Incendiary Bomb Removal Tool Leaflet. Interesting advertising leaflet ( 21 x 14 cm) for the "The Self Locating Bomb Remover" A tool that is fitted to a broom handle to remove incendiary bombs. Single sided leaflet in good clean condition. Stock no 6209
Inter War Period Air Ministry Goggles. Rare pair of 1933 dated R.A.F flying goggles in good condition for age, retains date, A.M and maker stamp (Stephenson &Sons). Leather is in good supple condition, fur face lining is sound and intact, strap remains in good condition, frame retains most of its original finish and lenses are clear. Overall a excellent example of these rare inter war period goggles. stock no 5464
Isle of Man Internment Camp Pass. Scarce permit card to enter Port Erin Alien Civilian Internment Area issued to Roma Thorpe of Port St Mary 4th May 1944. The card is in good used condition with just a small part of one corner missing (see photo), good clear photograph with police office stamp. Stock no 5960
Lancaster Bomb Pre Selector. Air Ministry Bomb Pre Selector reference number 5D/1063. fitted to Lancaster and most other wartime bombers this was part of the bomb aimers control panel. In good to excellent overall condition. Stock no 5672.
London Blitz Shrapnel. A large piece (approx. 25cm) of shrapnel from a Luftwaffe 50k bomb collected by a school boy during the London Blitz. Stock no T228.
London CD Training For Air Raid Wardens Booklet. Booklet issued by the London Civil Defence Region entitled Notes on practical training for the guidance of air raid wardens, published 1939, 32 pages in sound but well used condition. Gives a good insight into the training given to London wardens. Stock T889.
London G.P.O Home Guard Insignia Group. Home Guard Insignia group to the 20th City of London (3rd General Post Office, Cannon Street) Battalion, comprising rare sew on type G.P.O Home Guard armlet, single COL - 20 printed H.G distinguishing shoulder flash and single embroidered G.P.O badge also a small lapel badge for the U.P.W (union of post office workers). Items are in used condition and have been removed from uniform, the armlet has some rust type staining. A good rare original untouched Home Guard group.
Lord Haw-Haw Post Card. Wartime postcard published by Bamforth and Co Ltd, No 807 in the Wartime Greeting series. Caption comparing Lord Haw - Haw to a Donkey. Postcard is in good used franked condition with some slight staining. Plus two small private snapshots of his brother Frank Joyce in his army uniform. A interesting and rare lot. Stock no 4676
Luftschutz (German ARP) Sandbag. Original WW2 German Luftschutz Air Protection (German ARP) heavy duty brown paper sandbag (approx. 30 x 43 cm). Full markings to front and in excellent unissued condition. Stock no T541
Luftwaffe Aircrew Wrist Compass. Luftwaffe aircrew wrist compass (Armbandkompass) this example being the second model which was designed to be easier to read at night. Clearly marked on reverse AK 39 / Fl23235-1. Appears to be in good working order and retains its original leather strap. A nice clean example. Stock no 5463
Luftwaffe Flying License To Fighter Pilot Leutnant Edmund Fischer. Rare flying license to Luftwaffe fighter pilot Leutnant Edmund Fischer of Jagdgeschwader 26 (JG26). On the 18/8/44 he shot down a P47 over Beauvais, 25/8/44 shot down a P38 also over Beauvais. 25/9/44 shot down a Mustang over Arnhem belonging to 129 squadron flown by F/Lt P.N Howard and finally on the 27/9/44 he shot down a Spitfire over Nijmegen. During combat over Osnabruck - Hanover on the 12/10/44 he was shot down by a P51 of the 364 fighter group and was killed in the crash. A rare and interesting fighter pilots license ideal research project. In good clean condition with uniform photo, comes with photocopy of his Soldbuch. Stock no 5216
Luftwaffe Map - Great Britain and France. Rare large Luftwaffe paper navigators map "Luft-Navigationskarte in Merkatorprojektion" dated 1944 of Great Britain, France. Approx 106 x 53 cm. Map is in used condition with some damage to edges and folds but is in good overall sound condition. Stock no
Luftwaffe Pilots Log Book (Flugbuch) Luftwaffe pilots log book to Fw Gunter Heinzel cover the period 5/8/1940 to 15/10/1941 approx. 280 flights are recorded flying Me110, He51,Ju52 and HE111. On the 15th October while flying BF110 - A2+FH of NJG 3 on a high altitude ultra short wave radio frequency beacon flight the aircraft crashed for reason unknown at Ebersbach killing both crew members. The log is in good sound used condition and has all the correct signatures and stamps. A interesting log in need of further research. Stock no 5755.
Luftwaffe Sidecap Eagle Badge A good original used Luftwaffe sidecap eagle insignia, shows signs of being remove from cap, some general wear due to use, not a mint example but a good used original example. Stock no 4317
Luftwaffe Table Spoon. A good used Luftwaffe alloy table spoon, clear Luftwaffe eagle stamp to front of handle and Fl.U.V stamped on back. Overall good used condition.
Luftwaffe Target Photograph R.A.F Manby. Interesting Luftwaffe target photograph of R.A.F Manby Lincolnshire showing the airfield and surrounding area. Printed on paper and dated August 1941. In good condition with centre fold crease and slight damage to lower left hand corner.
Medal Group And Log Books To Sgt Wilkinson R.A.F. Medal group and log books to Sgt Wilkinson wireless operator / air gunner covers the period 1943 - 1950. Log book 1 - issued by the USAAF covers his training with 111 OTU Nassau Bahamas May 1943 to July 1943 flying B25s. (Temporary log but has correct signatures). Log book 2 - RAF pilots log book? - cover the period 1943 - 1948. Transferred to 200 Squadron October 1943 first entry aircraft delivery Dorval (Canada) to Yundum (West Africa) B24 Liberator. Log records various training flights until 22/6/44 when taking part in his 1st operations Convoy Escort. No further ops are listed until March 1945 now with 203 Squadron 3 ops are listed, log is certified 1st tour is completed and that 141 hours of ops have been completed this is in need of further research to find the missing ops. The remainder of the log details various training flights on Wellington and Lancasters up to 1948 while based at RAF Shawbury. Log book 3 - covers 1949 to 1950 flying as wireless operator on mainly Wellingtons and Lancasters from RAF Shawbury on various training and exercise flights. Wilkinson took part in operation Foil June 1949 the largest training exercise since WW2 and also took part in the Battle of Britain flypast September 1949. Interesting group in need of further research comes with his medals mounted as worn - 39/45 star, The Burma Star, Defence and War medal, named medal box with issue slip. Stock no 4419
National A.R.P Animal Guard Badge. National A.R.P Animals - Animal Guard lapel badge. Chrome and enamel finish, pinback fixing, numbered 4060. Badge is in good used condition with no damage to enamel. Stock no T920
National Fire Service Identity Disc. National Fire Service Identity Disc issued to 951131 E. Lawrenson for area 31 Brighton. Produced in the standard pressed fibre board with embossed personal details. Stock no T453
No 1 Fighter Squadron R.A.F Prestige Suit Insignia. A good quality embroidered prestige flying suit badge for No1 Fighter Squadron R.A.F. The badge is in well used flown condition with some loss of lettering to lower section see photographs. An excellent quality early example of a rare badge. Stock no 5947
Norwich Citizens War-Time Handbook The Norwich Citizens Wartime Handbook "Safeguard" May 1940, the first edition of a bi monthly publication, promoted as an up to date wartime handbook on matters and problems affecting the emergency life of the city and county. A 32 page card cover booklet in good used condition with some rust bleed from the staples. A rare and interesting booklet. Stock no T238
Nox A.R.P Lamp Shield. "NOX" A.R.P Lamp Shield - Two part bakelite cover which fitted over the light bulb to restrict the light for blackout use. In good unused condition. Stock no T289
P.O.W Made Cigarette Case. A wonderful item a engraved aluminium cigarette case made by a P.O.W on a English farm for a Land Army girl after she had run over a donkey! Engraved on front shows her pickup truck having hit the donkey engraved on reverse is her Land Army living accommodation. Case is in good condition with clear engraving a lovely land army related item.
Picture Post 1942. October 31st 1942 edition of "Picture Post" with Air Vice-Marshal Keith Rodney Park C.B, M.C, D.F.C front cover. In good sound condition with small patch of damage to front cover see photo. Stock no T261
Pilots Handbook For The Airspeed Oxford. The Pilots Handbook For The Airspeed Oxford - 2nd Edition March 1940. Produced by Airspeed Ltd, The Airport, Portsmouth. 24 page card cover booklet in good used condition some damage to spine but still sound. Pilots notes compiled by Airspeed test pilots.
Plymouth Co-Op Ration Card. Ration coupons card issued January 1940 by the Plymouth Co-Operative Society. The small foldout card is in good used filled out condition. Stock no 6383
Poison Gas Cleansing Poster. Small card poster approx. 26 x 20 cm for ARP "poison gas cleansing facilities available here". In excellent unused condition. Stock no 5145
R.A.F 1941 Pattern Mae West Whistle. Good used example of a R.A.F 1941 pattern mae west whistle, Ref No 23/230, Air Ministry stamped. Overall good sound condition with just some slight loss of the chrome plating.
R.A.F Air Crew First Aid Outfit. Wartime R.A.F First Aid Outfit For Air Crew in unopened condition. The waterproof cotton pouch is in good condition although has some age staining see photograph, contents, A.M markings are clear and readable, the pull to open tags are intact and has been opened slightly approx. 3 cm. Due to contents type only for sale to over 18s and UK residents. Good complete example. Stock no 5467
R.A.F Air Gunners Log Book 24 Squadron S.A.A.F. R.A.F flying log book to air gunner 1851248 R.H Lawrence covers the period 3/5/44 to 7/6/45. His first posting was to 12 AGS flying Ansons from RAF Bishops Court Ireland from 3/5/44/ to 3/6/44 he then moved to 70 OTU flying Marauders from RAF Shandur Egypt 19/9/44 to 25/10/44. Lawrence then joined 24 Squadron S.A.A.F based at Pescara Italy carrying out 37 operational sorties as mid upper gunner on Marauders attacking targets in Northern Italy covering the period 27/12/44 to 7/6/45. The log is in good condition for its age slight damage to spline and some foxing and staining to the pages however the book is still sound . All entries are clearly written and has all the correct signatures. Op no 11 - Revigo marshalling yards heavy accurate flak, op 13 Anti flak mission at Monfalcone, Op 20 anti flak mission to ammo dump anti personnel clusters dropped, Op 34 attacked 29th Panzer Division, all the ops are clearly written a above average log worthy of further research. Last entry reads grand D.A.F flypast Udine, 24 sqdn led by o/c l/col Margo DFC had the honour of leading the bomber wing in! Stock no 5138
R.A.F B-Type Flying Helmet. Unissued B-Type flying helmet (stores ref 22C/65) as issued without the domed leather ear pieces which were issued separately, the dark brown leather is in near perfect condition and the chamois lining has just a few small storage marks, the buckle is in working order. Full A.M markings showing size 2. You would find it difficult to find a better example. Stock No 5415
R.A.F Car Badge. Wartime or possible pre war RAF wings officers car badge, cast alloy approx. wingspan of 28cm mounted on a wood plinth for display. In good used condition with some wear and slight corrosion but still displays well. Stock no 5444
R.A.F Cigarette Lighter. Wartime R.A.F cigarette lighter, manufactured by Philips the petrol lighter is in well used condition with RAF emblem to front. Sold in non working condition but could easily be repaired if required. Stock no 5539
R.A.F Cuff Links. A good quality pair of R.A.F cuff links, Kings Crown RAF wings emblem to front and RAF colours to back. In excellent condition with only slight wear. Stock no 5665.
R.A.F Greetings Card. Wartime R.A.F greeting card, in good clean used condition. Stock no 5532
R.A.F Identity Bracelet. R.A.F silver identity bracelet, engraved E.L. Wienholt 1503452 R.A.F. In well used condition, hallmark silver to reverse and one part of the clasp missing. Stock no 5481
R.A.F Log Book To LAC Bowerbank Drogue Operator. R.A.F log book covering the period January 1943 to January 1943 to LAC W. Bowerbank who served as Target tug drogue operator at RAF Gianaclis Egypt. Log is well filled out and has all correct signatures and is in good sound condition. Comes with small photograph of Bowerbank, his flying clothing issue card dated 1942 and his RAF association card. Main aircraft flown - Maryland, Defiant and Baltimore. Stock no 5519
R.A.F Medical Services Sweetheart Badge. A excellent quality and detailed small pre or early war R.A.F medical services mother of pearl sweetheart brooch. A small Kings Crowned caduceus of mercury with two serpents entwined around a winged staff detailed in mother of pearl with a pin back fixing.
R.A.F Napkin Ring. R.A.F Napkin Ring in good used condition with just a couple of dents which does not distract from the overall appearance, retains most of its chrome finish with unusual large embossed R.A.F wings to front. Stock no 5528
R.A.F Officers Soup Bowl. A good quality R.A.F officers soup bowl, maker stamp to base - Crescent and Sons bone china in good used condition with just some slight wear to gold edging, good clear RAF emblem to front. Stock no 5368
R.A.F Pilots Wings. A unused pair of flat R.A.F pilots wings late war variant issued to Squadron Leader Woodcraft AFC, also small envelope address to him at RAF Mepal dated Nov 1945. Wings in unissued condition with a couple of rust type stains and slight damage to wing tips. Stock no 5132
R.A.F Powder Compact. Small approx. 5 cm diameter R.A.F ladies powder compact with RAF badge to lid and mirror on inner face. Plated metal with inner tray for powder comes with original home made felt cover. In excellent condition, celluloid badge retains good colour protected over the years by the cover. Stock code 5246
R.A.F Spectacles Flying MkVIa. A good pair of R.A.F wartime MkVIa flying spectacles produced by Crookes Optical Ltd. Plastic frame with laminated safety glass lenses with an elastic strap. The spectacles are in good to excellent condition with clear A.M markings to side shield. A hard to find item which were issued mainly to coastal command. Stock no 5465
R.A.F Sweetheart Ring. Good quality R.A.F sweetheart ring hand made from aircraft black perspex / plastic with brass R.A.F eagle. Stock No 5238
R.A.F Toast Rack Early wartime or pre war R.A.F officer's mess toast rack with pilot wing stamp to base. In good used condition with some wear to chrome finish. Stock no 5922
R.A.F Type H Flying Gloves. R.A.F Type H electrically heated flying gloves (Size small?). A good matched used pair, with leather in sound supple condition with heated rayon lining ( one has come detached slightly from the leather glove which could be easily repaired however does not detract from the overall appearance). Press studs are in working order, leather is discoloured and has some staining mainly to palms due to use. Overall a good sound pair of these hard to find gloves. Stock no - 5258
R.A.F Wartime Aircrew Stopwatch. 1941 dated R.A.F MkIII navigational aircrew stopwatch in good working order, clearly marked to reverse A.M, stores reference 6B/221 - 5539 / 41. Stock no 5326.
R.C.A.F Air Gunners Log Book - MIA - 61 Squadron. R.C.A.F log book to P/O R.D Mix covers the period Oct 1941 to April 1943. Training starts with No 1 B&G School Jarvis flying Battles, moving to No 1 Air Armament School Manby in March 42 on Wellingtons. 14 OTU Cottesmore during June 42 before joining his first squadron in July, Swinderby based 50 squadron flying Manchesters two operations completed before moving to A.T.B flight at Dunholme. Joining 61 Squadron (RAF Syerston) in September 1942 were he completed another 10 ops before his final operations on April 28 1943 when detailed to carry out mine laying duties over the Baltic his aircraft Lancaster W4898 failed to return and is believed lost over the target area. He is commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. Log is in a good condition for its age with some slight damage to the spine, is clearly written and has all the correct signatures. A good early Lancaster / Manchester log worthy of further research. Stock no 6060.
R.C.A.F Egg Cup. R.C.A.F egg cup larger than a standard egg cup approx. 11cm in height possible for goose egg use. In good clean condition with clear R.C.A.F emblem to front.
R.F.C Riding Crop. A unusual Royal Flying Corps item a R.F.C Riding Crop approx. 29cm in length in good used condition with cane body and nice quality R.F.C wings embossed end cap. Stock no 5560
RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Gauntlets. Good used pair of R.A.F 1941 pattern flying gauntlets named and issued to 1605755 E. Maggs. Zips in good working order, leather still supple and sound,leather to palms show signs of being well used, may be improved by cleaning. Clear A.M stamps, size 9/10. A good pair of sound issued honest gloves. Stock no 6164.
RAF Foot / Bed Warmer. An unusual R.A.F item ceramic foot / bed warmer produced by Lovatt and Langley Ware England. In good condition with clear RAF stamp to top, makers stamp to rear. A nice inter war period rare display item.
RAF Mk VII Flying Goggles RAF Mk VII flying goggles stores ref 22C/826, frame retains 90% of its original paint finish, the leather / chamois surround is in good sound condition with only slight staining and retains good cushion effect. Leather nosepiece is in good condition. Strap is in good condition and has some rust staining, lenses are clear with only some slight delamination. Clear A.M markings below flip shield bar. A good pair of used goggles. Stock no 5499
Reichsluftschutzbund Ausweis. Reichsluftschutzbund (National Air - Defence League - part of the German Civil Defence organisation) Ausweis for Baubearbeiter. I.d for official responsible for a building. issued 26/3/1941 by regional group Hessen / Rheinland South to Hans Haupt. Pass in good clean issued condition with good photograph and correct stamps. Stock no T586
Rest Centres Advice Officer Arm Band P.A.C Rest Centres Advice Officer armband, in good condition with only some slight age staining, manufactured in a wax covered type material with printed black lettering and original tie on straps. Rare home front armband. Stock no 5550
Royal Air Force Journal 25 Anniversary Edition. Royal Air Force Journal 25th Anniversary Edition March 1943. 48 page illustrated card cover booklet in above average condition for its age with some slight rust bleed from staples. Stock No 4555
Royal Flying Corps - Technical Notes. Technical Notes - Royal Flying Corps published 1916 by HMSO. 42 page hardback manual with 38 foldout plates, contents include wireless, flight and stability, magneto and engines etc. In good used condition with some slight damage to plate edges, however still very sound and readable for its age. Stock no 5831
Royal Flying Corps Shoulder Title. A single original Royal Flying Corps embroidered shoulder title, in good used condition shows signs of being removed from uniform, slight discolouring to oatmeal embroidered RFC, retains most of its original backing, a good used original example. Stock no 5204
Royal Norwegian Air Force Identity Bracelet. Wartime Royal Norwegian Air Force identity bracelet with wings to front and engraved on rear - Tor Erla, Luftfursvaret, 15-10505, UJ - AS. In good used condition with working clasp and stamped sterling. Stock no 5733
Royal Observer Corps Certificate of War Service. Royal Observer Corps certificate of war service issued to Observer Officer W.A Wilson. Measures approx. 28 x 20 cm in good condition with centre fold. Stock no 6072
S.F.P - 137 Armband. Unusual Street Fire Party armband has the addition compared to the standard SFP armband of the number 137 which I presume was a area or sector identification. In good condition with only slight wear showing. Stock no T426
Salute The Soldier War Savings Poster. Salute The Soldier - Remember Our Old Pals At ? - War Savings Will Speed Them Home! poster measures approx. 49 x 36 cm. National savings committee ref no L.T.23. Poster has spaces for photographs and press cuttings of boys and girls in the forces. Unusual poster for use with either factory or street saving group. Good clean condition with just some slight damage to edges. Stock no 5219
Salute The Soldier Week Plaque 1944. Salute The Soldier Week Plaque - War Savings Campaign 1944, presented by the war office to the local savings committee in appreciation of their success in salute the soldier week, this is the rarer small size version measures approx. 24 x 39 cm. The relief raised plastic plaque has maker mark to reverse and has wall mounting fixings is in excellent condition with just a couple of small marks which do not distract from this excellent example. Stock no 5210
Silver RAF Powder Compact. Solid silver R.A.F powder compact hallmark dated 1939. An excellent quality compact with RAF wings to lid, retains its original mirror, has some small minor dings to body which you would expect with age and use, otherwise a lovely 1930s compact.
Spares Kit for RAF Mark IV B Goggles. Leather case spares kit for Air Ministry Mark IV B goggles, stores ref 22C/167 by J & R Fleming Ltd. Case is in excellent condition with clear A.M markings, contents include clear lenses, tool for removing flip shield, "everclear" demist stick and strip of chamois backed leather, missing from the kit are the guide plates and rivets. Stock no 6141
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal. Special Constabulary Long Service Medal with 3 long service clasps for 1935, 1942 and 1948 awarded to George. C. Porter. In good original condition. Stock no T653
Spitfire Remote Contactor control Box. Air Ministry Remote Contactor Control Box type 2 reference no 110A/338, fitted to Spitfire and other aircraft it has a clockwork mechanism which would transmit a signal every 15 seconds to identify the aircraft as friendly to radar operators on the ground. Wooden box and unit in good condition and appears in working order. Stock no 5667
State Express Tobacco War Service. The story of war service by the House of State Express 1939 - 1945. Wonderful 20 page card booklet detailing the war service of the State Express tobacco company and the importance of tobacco in war. Superb quailty booklet with colour illustrations. Booklet in very good clean condition with some slight damage to front cover edges.
Sweetheart Handkerchief Anti Aircraft Battery Theme. Good quality wartime sweetheart handkerchief (approx. 42 x 42 cm) showing anti aircraft gun battery in a art deco style. Made of rayon in excellent condition for its age. Stock no 5883
Target Germany 8th USAAF first Year O ver Europe. "Target Germany" The U.S Army Air Forces official story of the VIII bomber commands first year over Europe. (British edition) published 1944 by the H.M.S.O. 120 page card cover booklet in good clean condition, front cover partly detached from the staples otherwise a good example. Stock No 4607
Tenterden Council After the Raid Information Card. Tenterden Rural District Council - Parish of Rolvenden - After an Air Raid Information, foldout card dated May 1941 giving details to householder information, address, and phone numbers of what to do after an air raid. In good clean condition with just some slight foxing. Stock no 6210
The 15th USAAF Over Italy. The 15th USAAF Over Italy - published 1947 by the AAF Publications Company. A pictorial history approx. 72 pages card cover in good condition for its age, some foxing and rust bleed from staples, Stock no 51317
The Black-Out Book. "The Black-Out Book compiled by Evelyn August - one hundred and one black out nights entertainment. Hardback book published 1939 by George Harrap & Co. 216 pages full of games and puzzles etc. In well used but sound condition with some damage to spine and some foxing to pages. Stock no 6380
The Champions Of Democracy Plate. The Champions Of Democracy Plate produced by Alfred Meakin circa 1941. Full colour transfer of Roosevelt and Churchill facing the Statue Of Liberty. This colourful plate which was unusual for the early war period is in good condition with no chips. A nice piece of wartime Churchilliana. Stock No 5507
The P.D.S.A In Wartime - Leaflet. Rare double sided door drop leaflet issued by the P.D.S.A (London Area) one side details the work of the P.D.S.A and ways of helping, the other side is appealing for jumble which would be collected by vans to help raise fund for animal treatment. The leaflet is in sound but used condition which some foxing and staining.
The Royal Air Force Quarterly - July 1932. A good clean example of The Royal Air Force Quarterly publication - Volume 3 - Number 3, July 1932 published by Gale & Polden approx 120 pages card cover with illustration. In very good sound condition for its age with some foxing full with interesting articles and advertisements.
The WAAF In Action. "The WAAF In Action" Published 1944 by Adam and Charles Black in conjunction with the Air Ministry. Hard back book with dust jacket. Typical wartime publication with numerous photographs, in sound condition with some foxing and some damage to dust cover. One of the harder book to find in the series. Stock no 5534
Trophys Presented to Battle Of Britain Pilot Sqn Leader W.T.Ellis A.F.C. A pair of trophys and his dog tags presented during the 1950s to Sqn Leader W.T.Ellis A.F.C ex Battle of Britain. 1. Tankard engraved - presented to Sqn Ldr W.T.Ellis AFC by the officers of No 2 Squadron C.F.S Examining Wing 1954. 2. Belived to be Central Flying School trophy engraved - Sqn Ldr W.T. Ellis A.F.C 1952 - 1954. . A pair of identiy discs. Ellis joined 266 squadron at Wittering on August 26th 1940 and moved to 92 squadron at Biggin Hill on September 21st. Three days later he crashed landed on Higham Marshes, damaged in starboard wing and glycol system by a Bf109 in action over Maidstone. Ellis claimed a share in a JU88 on the 27th and on Oct 10th he crashed landed near Poynings Station after being damaged by return fire from a Do17 engaged of Tangmere. His Spitfire X4552 was a w/o, On Nov 5 made a force landing at Gravesend after combat with Bf109. On Dec 1st 1940 he got a probable BF109. He was commissioned inOct 1941, adwarded AFC 2nd Jan 1940, retired June 8 1963 as a Wing Commander. (Men Of The B.O.B). Both items are in good conditions with some slight damage to tankard rim and wood base. A interesting and rare group to a B.O.B pilot. Stock no 5309.
U.S. Army Forces In UK London Guide. Small booklet a guide to London for U.S Armed Forces in U.K. The 64 page illustrated wartime booklet gives details of places to eat and sleep, transport, entertainment etc for the serviceman in London. These small guides were produced for all major towns and cities. In good sound clean condition for age. Stock no 6229
USAAF Air Gunner Shirt Wings. USAAF sterling air gunner two inch wings, these smaller wings were worn on the shirt. This example was manufactured by Balfour. Pin fixing in working order and maker marked to reverse. A nice quality pair of wings in good condition. Stock no 5839
USAAF Dead Reckoning Computer Wartime U.S Army Air Forces Computer, Aerial, Dead Reckoning Type E-6B. In good fairly well used condition this being part of the pilots navigation kit. Stock no 6183
USAAF Sweetheart Wings. A super quality and unusual USAAF sweetheart wings measures approx. 65mm, sterling silver with a gold finish and a number of decorative rhinestone. In excellent worn condition a rare sweetheart. Stock no 5485
USAAF Type A10 Oxygen Mask Instructions Handbook 16 page leaflet dated February 5th 1943 entitled Handbook Of Instructions With Parts Catalog for the USAAF type A-10 converted oxygen mask. In good used condition has been folded with just some rust bleed from staple in top left hand corner. Stock no 4696
Vickers Armstrong Ltd A.R.P Badge. Silver hallmarked for Birmingham 1940 Vickers Armstrong Ltd A.R.P lapel badge. Pin back fixing in working order. Badge in excellent uncleaned condition. Stock no T915
War Cookery Leaflet No 21. War Cookery Leaflet No 21 - How To Preserve Tomatoes. Foldout leaflet in good condition with some slight damage to edge. Dated April 1945. Stock no 4511
War Savings Leaflet. Single sided War Savings leaflet (Ref No W.F.L 46) sending the message "so spend as little as you can and lend as much as you can through war savings". Leaflet in good condition. Stock no 5533
Wartime Esquire Playing Cards. A complete boxed set of Esquire playing cards circa 1944. Produce by the USA Arrco playing card company for "Esquire" magazine for men which featured Varga art work. Cards in good used condition with box being in above average condition for age. Copyright 1943 printed on box. Stock no 5726
Wartime Knitting Pattern Bestway knitting pattern No 471 - Sleeveless Pullover For Men In The Army. The four page wartime leaflet is in good sound condition. Stock no 5531
Wartime Lumar Jig.Saw No 245 Battle In The Air. Wartime jig.saw puzzle No 245 in the Lumar series entitled "Battle In The Air". Card coloured interlocking pieces shows Hurricanes and ME109 in dog fight. The puzzle is complete no missing pieces and has its original box all in good sound condition. Stock no 5432
Wartime Milk Bottle Tops. Two wartime milk bottle tops in excellent unissued condition - 1. Let Milk Be Your Health Warden. 2. The Silent Service Delivered Fresh Each Morning. Stock no 5327.
Wartime Milk Bottle Tops. Two wartime milk bottle tops in excellent unissued condition - 1. Let Milk Be Your Health Warden. 2. The Silent Service Delivered Fresh Each Morning. Stock no 5328
Wartime National Household Dried Milk. A good clean unopened tin of Wartime National Household Dried Milk, specially packed for British Ministry of Food by the U.S.A. The unopened tin retains its original paper label being in clean sound condition for its age with just a few small marks and damage to edges see photo. stock no 5447
Wartime Persil Washing Powder. Full box of wartime Persil washing powder in good clean sound condition for its age ( repair to small damage to front of box does not detract from the overall appearance). The box retains its original content and is clearly marked to top "National War Effort" Stock No - 5572
Wartime Police / Fire Whistle. Wartime City Police or Fire Whistle manufactured by C.T.W'S clearly stamped to front of whistle body. In good original uncleaned condition. Stock no T910
Wartime Post Office Savings Bank Leaflet. Small foldout leaflet issued by the post office (ref no PBW6) entitled "War Weapons - More Money" give details of war savings offered by the post office. In excellent unissued clean condition. Stock no 5040
Wartime R.A.F Door Key. Unusual R.A.F item a wartime door key (approx. 10cm) clearly stamped R.A.F with broad arrow mark below. In good well used condition. Stock No 5546
Wartime R.A.F Torch - A.M 5A/476. Rare wartime R.A.F torch approx. 24 cm in length produced by Ever Ready clear A.M mark to base with stores ref no 5A/476. In fairly well used condition with small dents to casing and some lose of finish due to use. Sold as display item only but it all seems complete so with batteries it may work! A difficult item to find these days. Stock no 5185
Wiggins Teape Ltd 1939 -45. Interesting book detailing the wartime activities of the paper producer Wiggins Teape Ltd published 1946. Details how the factories and mills were turned over to wartime production. 32 page card cover book illustrated throughout in good condition with some rusting of staples and slight staining to covers..
Womans A.F.S Peak Cap. Womens Auxillary Fire Service 1939 dated peak cap. Black wool / felt hat with red piping, marked inside A.F.S 39 - size 6? in white lettering, AFS cloth badge to front. Retains a fairly good shape, has some slight moth damage to rear and inner band. Displays well.
Woollies For The R.A.F Weldon Knitting Series No 15 - Woollies For the R.A.F, in collaboration with Royal Air Force comforts committee. 18 page magazine style booklet in good sound used condition with slight damage to spine and some slight staining to pages. Stock no 4668
WW1 RFC / RAF Medal Group WW1 Medal group to Frederick William Moore Private 2nd Class RFC / RAF. The group comprises 1914 - 18 War Medal, 1914 - 19 Victory Medal 134538 Pte 2 F.W. Moore R.A.F, boxes of issue, medal ribbons, original air ministry registered envelope and 2 x receipt letters. Moore was born in Battersea 26th May 1897, served in the army before joining RFC 24th November 1917 as private 2nd class, trade cook. Transferred to RAF on 1st April 1918. Served with No 9 squadron, France Nov 1917 to July 1919. All items in good condition (envelope in poor condition) and comes with some research. Stock no 5840.
WW2 "Cooper" On National Service Badge WW2 "Cooper" factory on national service lapel badge, numbered on reverse 102. Button hole fixing in excellent possible unissued condition. Stock no 6047